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One of Britain's brightest hopes for podium glory at this year's summer Olympics, 22-year-old table tennis wizard Darius took the time out from his intense training schedule to show FHM around the highlights of his extensive animation collection...

The Original Adventures of Superman

Properly old-school, black-and-white Superman cartoons from the 1940s.

"Superman is my favourite superhero, he does what I do; fly from country to country trying to beat guys! I love anything to do with Superman.


Insanely popular anime series about an adolescent ninja.

"Naruto is an inspiration when I'm training or competing. He's the most talented guy but he works really hard."

Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie

A 1999 anime taken on evergreen fighting series. 

"When I was a kid I played Street Fighter II on the SNES all the time."

Sonic The Hedgehog

Spiky, leaping lunacy.

"I grew up with Sonic and watching the cartoons, Sonic evolves with each series. Sonic X is the best.


disney's ducked-up take on Scrooge. 

"Scrooge has got all his nephews and I've got a little brother, and nephew and a godson so, yeah, I'm Scrooge, man!


Hand drawn mega-hit from Disney's early 90s golden period.

"I like that he's a street-rat. I've come from the bottom, too – anyone can find their magic carpet and fly.

Batman: The Animated Series

Widely regarded as one of the greatest ever takes on the Dark Knight. 

"I used to watch this every week on Live & Kicking."

Death Note

Anime series, later adapted into two live-action movies. 

"It's a Japanese anime about a guy who can kill you by writing your name in a book. It's witty stuff."

Spirited Away

This Japanese anime won an Oscar for best animated feature of 2002.

"Brilliant, but every time I watch it I fall asleep!"

Peter Pan

Disney's 1953 classic, and Michael Jackson's favourite movie.

"Peter's the boy that never grew up, a bit like me. I love traditional Disney films – I'm not into the Pixar stuff. Besides, tell a lady you've got Disney and you're on to a winner."